Spotiflyer Spotify Music Downloader APK v3.6.3 Latest Version

Spotiflyer is an legendary application that allows one to download any song from the worlds most popular music hosts such as Spotify, YT Music, Gaana & Jiosaavn.

At the late of 90’s people’s were fond of streaming Music on FM Radio, During that time and age If you have ever visited any tea stall you’ll surely remember that the people’s used to seat in a carpet and goes on streaming through the FM Radio, No one makes a complain to change the host, Such were the good old days that also came with it’s limitations. However, with the modern smartphones, you can do much more with them than making a phone call.

Initially, everything we needed came with a price. i.e. whatever we needed we have to pay for it. I remember going to a shop and getting 100 audio songs downloaded for 50 rupees and 50 video songs for 100 rupees. All the websites and Android applications would require some sort of subscription fee, but today everything has changed drastically.

Now it is possible to download thousands of songs, videos, movies, and other entertainment for free. Rather we can say that today everything is on our fingertips. We can have all sorts of entertainment stuff on our Smartphone and that even is for free. Yes for free, and this has become possible due to a certain application.

What is Spotiflyer APK?

Before the existence of these music streaming apps like Spotiflyer, we would listen to music through YouTube Music, the radio, CDs, or by downloading them to our phones. But these all have their limitations and people can’t be bothered to download music nowadays.

But thanks to the innovation that the internet has brought us, now we have music streaming apps. Think of these apps of music, thus we can listen to our favorite music without interruptions and anywhere we like. Now, GitHub has also joined the group and released their own with Spotiflyer.

The main motto of Spotiflyer is to save bandwidth of the users by only loading the audio formats instead of the Video formats. In this way users can save up to 90% of the consumed data. Thus, it can download songs even you have a poor Internet Connection.

Spotiflyer Application Information

DeveloperShabinder Singh
Size8.3 MB
Last UpdatedDecember 11, 2022
Android RequirementsAndroid 6.0+ or Above

Screenshots of Spotiflyer Music Player

Web Cover
Android Cover
Desktop Cover

Download Spotiflyer for your Android Device

Everything looks fine for me except Advertisements, the developer of Spotiflyer hasn’t added any ads.txt file which contains any ads in app. If you want to help the developer for continuing his Project, then you can donate some bucks on his Paypal Account which will help him to continue this Project. Still, donating only a few bucks for this decent application isn’t a bad idea.

Moreover you can use this application as an offline Music Player once you complete downloading your desired songs through this application.

Features of Spotiflyer APK

High-quality Audio

With Spotiflyer one can easily download music from YouTube, Spotify, JioSaavn or gaana and call it a day. But the problem with this method is that sometimes, it doesn’t allow you to have the best sound quality possible as some songs of YT Music comes with low Audio Quality. Because of that, the music experience will not be as enjoyable as when you use Spotify! In Spotiflyer, the music is of the highest-quality possible because Spotify bought the license for them to be there. This means you don’t have to worry about anything interrupting your love for music.


Back when streaming platforms weren’t popular yet, people used to download songs through a third-party app. But now thanks to Spotiflyer you can download the music straight from the app! Like what you’re listening to and want to listen to it even without internet connection? Just download them for free! This will allow you to save on data usage as well.

One Tap Download

One Tap Download is another best feature of Spotiflyer that I like the most. Using that switch, you can convert any video song into audio format or vise-versa, and you can download it into your desired Download Path.

There are many situations where you want to listen to any song but can’t do it because of low mobile data. In that situation, you can use download songs to your Phone storage using Spotiflyer. Basically, it only renders an audio file from a video that saves mobile data.

Free access to Premium Music

This is the feature why we are using this YouTube Music premium Apk. As we know, to unlock any Music Streaming App we need to buy their premium membership, which is free for the first month, but after that, we need to pay some penny monthly or yearly to continue the membership. But with Spotiflyer one can easily Download Songs from the popular clients.

How to Install Spotiflyer APK on your Android Device?

Side loading APK’s have an easy to use process which requires minimal technical skills. All you have to do is enabling “Allow Installation from unknown sources” from the security settings.

Step 1. Once you download APK file from our section.

Step 2. Head over to the Status bar and tap on the downloaded Spotiflyer APK File.

Step 3. Once you tap on that, you will be transferred to the android security page. From there, you can enable unknown sources option or allow from this option.

Step 4. Now, go to the file manager and find the APK file.

Step 5. Tap on it and Install on your device.

Step 6. Open the application from the apps drawer and allow the required permissions. Once you have done those pre-setup things, you are good to use the Spotiflyer android application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Spotiflyer a opensource?

Spotiflyer forked from Shabinder, an open source project, a super powerful and lightweight music downloader application.

Is Spotiflyer Safe?

Spotiflyer is a open source application, but it doesn’t has any harmful coding that could track users data or any useful beneficiary.

Final Thoughts

Music is an Indispensable part of everyone’s life, and we all have a different taste of music. There are some situations in life in which listening to your favorite music can lighten your mood. If I talk about myself, I am more productive in my work if I am listening to music. In the same way, we all are affected by music in some way, whether it’s a rainy day or you’re holding a party in your home with your friends, you need soothing music to celebrate these little moments.

Music helps us accept the harsh realities of life but also finds a way of easing the fear that comes with it by bringing entertainment to our ears. We’re all capable of enjoying any type of music without knowing the title or artist and relating to the message that it’s trying to clarify us. It serves as a major escape from reality just for a few minutes and an awesome key to unlocking some of our hidden potentials.

Launch Spotiflyer on your device and dive into the beats of your favorite songs, Download songs from your favorite music streaming platform, you’ll discover a whole new world of music together with amazing recognition abilities. Spotiflyer your friendly neighborhood dealer that opens gates to a massive catalogue of music around the eternity.

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