Bluesky: Former Twitter CEO Jack launches Twitter rival

The Jack Dorsey-backed Twitter rival Bluesky is now available on the Apple App Store as an invite-only beta.

Bluesky, now a public benefit company, had originally been incubated within Twitter starting in 2019 when Dorsey served as CEO. Dorsey had described it as an “Open decentralized standard for Social Media”.

In 2019, Twitter announced a new project called Bluesky. The idea was to create an open and decentralised standard for social media. Independent of Twitter, It was under wraps for quite some time. The Jack Dorsey-backed Twitter alternative is now available on the Apple App Store as an invite-only beta, which means it might be followed by a public launch in the near future.

The App Store listing also gives us a teaser of how the decentralised social media platform will look like. It is based on the ‘Authenticated Transfer Protocol’ (ATP), which describes as a place where ‘separate social networks exist within a single hub’.

Similar to Mastodon’s ActivityHub, ATP helps create a federated and decentralised network.  The framework seems to be designed in such a way users can transfer their account and data from one Bluesky provider to another and offers refined control over what users see on their network.

As seen from the screenshots above, the Bluesky app on mobile closely resembles Twitter’s user interface. It looks like Bluesky borrowed several features and user elements with separate tabs for Home, Search and Notifications. The timeline and the profile page look and feel like Twitter as well.

According to a report by TechCrunch, Bluesky is like a bare-bones version of Twitter. Users can create their own handles which will be visible in along with the display name in bold. It also has a ‘Plus’ button, which is used to create a post of up to 256 characters including images, similar to Twitter.

While the Bluesky website lets users join the waitlist, it gives no information on how many testers the network will initially be available to or when it will be open to the general public.

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