MT WhatsApp Latest Version APK v2.0 [Official] {Anti-Ban}

MT WhatsApp is one of the best Mod WhatsApp which comes with tons of exciting features and Themes.

All you know that WhatsApp has upper hand over the many apps which are meant to be made for the same purpose. Instant Messaging platform makes your work easier and more comfortable. You can easily send any message, media files such as images, videos, etc. Currently, this kind of apps taking a crucial part in our day to day life.

Isn’t it? Yep, in these days most of the people sharing their moments as stories with the help of these apps. Agenda is they want their friends and relatives to know about the current thing or status of the personal. Anyways, we are all are using WhatsApp insanely on our smart devices to get some benefits like keeping in touch with valuable or loved ones. Do you want me to say precisely? Then, know the present status of theirs.

The great thing about this app is; this was totally free of cost now. Simply you can get from the particular apps store (Play store/Apple Store). Is it really free? I honestly say; It’s not. There is a dark side too 😎. Though the official app is available, still people looking to download this kind of Modified apps. In that list, we have MT WhatsApp for you which comes with Material, One UI, Stock and iOS design and with most exclusive features.

What is MT WhatsApp?

As you already know that this MT WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp which is readily available on Google Play. But why should you use it? The answer to this question is pretty simple, for more visual experience and cool features, which are not present in the Play Store WhatsApp. It provides freedom of customization, which allows you to personalize the App according to your satisfaction, for example if you don’t like that old green layout of Stock WhatsApp.

It is basically a WhatsApp mod that allows you to do more things compared to the stock one. Every user’s who are using MT WhatsApp from the beginning they knows it well, but here I’m considering the users who searched and came to know about MT WhatsApp on this Page. The sole purpose of MT WhatsApp is to provide more features, user – friendly interface and desire Additions such as full Material Styled theme for your Android Device.

We’re living in a modern world that relies heavily on communication. Generally, with the advent of the smartphone, many messaging apps have came into the market. People are using various Apps, but you can call WhatsApp as the main medium of communication. It allows you to remain ultra-private during every type of messaging. But due to human nature, we want more. That’s why developers of The Technisk Team are creating similar Apps like WhatsApp which are more advanced in providing extra features to it’s users.

MT WhatsApp Application Information

NameMT WhatsApp
Size44.7 MB
Last UpdatedAugust 16, 2022

Download MT WhatsApp for your Android Device

Definitely, you would choose MT WhatsApp for it’s exciting features as they are quite impressive, and the best part is, you’ll get updates according to the latest base of WhatsApp. MT WhatsApp is the superb version of WhatsApp that allows you to hide your last seen, delivery report, online status, and other interface icons. You enjoy the flexibility of thousands of themes from the library, which has a lot of options to choose from.

Basically, A Material designed app comes with tons of features and exclusive themes. Actually, the MT WhatsApp looks like the Official one in the aspects of UI, but you can edit the whole interface like header, chat screen, home screen, etc. Indeed almost everything 😍

Screenshots of MT WhatsApp

MT WhatsApp Changelog

[β„•π”Όπ•Ž] Base Updated to Stable Base.

[β„•π”Όπ•Ž] Additional Add new Fonts.

[β„•π”Όπ•Ž] Added effect of falling off the screens.

[β„•π”Όπ•Ž] Added a transition effect between screens.

[β„•π”Όπ•Ž] Now the administrator of a group can delete messages from any member for everyone (Only works if you have anti-delete messages disabled).

[β„•π”Όπ•Ž] Now there is also the percentage and remaining time when sending and downloading videos.

[β„•π”Όπ•Ž] Enabled delete messages for everyone up to 2 days and 12 hours.

[β„•π”Όπ•Ž] Now you can use the status reactions.

[β„•π”Όπ•Ž] Adaptive Storage. (The mod backup, status downloads, photo/video downloads in view once, images from internet, will be saved in the respective directory depending on the android version you have).

[β„•π”Όπ•Ž] On group calls, you can mute others or message them by long pressing on their tile.

[π”Έπ••π••π•šπ•₯π•šπ• π•Ÿπ•’π•] Made improvements to the Settings+ UI.

[π”Έπ••π••π•šπ•₯π•šπ• π•Ÿπ•’π•] Improvements in privacy options.

[π”Έπ••π••π•šπ•₯π•šπ• π•Ÿπ•’π•] The maximum size limit for sending videos has been reduced to 100MB due to problems with some users.

[π”½π•šπ•©π•–π••] Fixed a bug that would not allow sending videos on some occasions.

[π”½π•šπ•©π•–π••] Fixed an issue causing hidden features to be temporarily disabled.

[π”½π•šπ•©π•–π••] Fixed keyboard not appearing when responding to a message.

[π”½π•šπ•©π•–π••] Other fixes, optimizations, and stability and performance improvements

Features of MT WhatsApp

The latest version of MT WhatsApp carries new additions and exclusive features, which will definitely give you a classy look along with Privacy Options.


  • You can replace the green theme of the original App with your desired color and selection from the library.
  • You are free to add custom themes to your library, which has the capacity to accept thousands of themes.
  • You can personalize all icons of the App by changing colors and icon graphics.


  • You can add privacy tweaks to the App, which allows you to hide features like last seen, blue ticks, and double ticks.
  • You can deactivate the video calling feature, which is not possible in the original App.
  • You can use the app lock, which allows you to set a password for the App. That’s why you can secure your data efficiently.

Exclusive features

  • You do not have to save contacts for sending messages. This App allows you to send messages to unsaved contacts.
  • The original App allows you to pin only three chats, but you can pin up to 6 chats with this App.
  • You have the facility to change the colors of the groups, which is absent in the original App.

Security features

  • There is an in-built App lock, which is not present in the original App. You can secure the App by a password.
  • You can secure conversations by adding pins to the chat.

Increased limits

  • This App allows you to send messages to a large group containing 500 people. The original App allows only 250 people. [Use at your Own Risk! It may lead you to Temporary Ban]
  • You can send 60 images to one recipient. The original App does not allow that.

Auto – Reply

  • Incase you’re busy you can turn on Auto Reply messages according to your needs, thus you don’t need to worry about replying you’re girlfriend on time πŸ˜œ

How to Install MT WhatsApp on your Android Device?

If you are new to this app and Want to restore previous chat history, then follow the backup Guide from Tutorial Video.

Did you do a complete backup from the Guide? Okay Now, You are ready to follow the below procedure.

Step 1. Download the APK file from the Above Download link.

Step 2. Click on the APK file which you have downloaded from the Download Page. You may get a Notice that says “Install Application from Unknown Sources”. Turn on Allow from this source.

Step 3. Now Install the Application.

Step 4. Open your MT WA and enjoy the World of customizations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the features of MT WhatsApp?

  • Call Filter/Blocker.
  • Media Sharing.
  • Themes Store.
  • Anti-Delete Messages.
  • New Emoji Variants.
  • App Launcher and Notifications Icons.
  • Colors and Customizations.
  • Full Resolution Image Sharing.

How can I take Chat Backup in MT WhatsApp?

  1. Open MT WhatsApp and tap on the menu.
  2. Click on MT Settings>>Backup & Restore.
  3. Now tap on Backup.
  4. Finally, click on the Backup button.
  5. It’ll take a few seconds to complete the Chat Backup.

Final Thoughts

It’s one of the Official way to Download MT WhatsApp APK on your Android Device. Now, a turn is yours to choose this Mod or not. If you’re an old user of this MT WhatsApp APK, then I don’t need to recommend you You’ll always keep this as your Primary Messenger.

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