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Macrodroid is an automation app for Android that allows users to automate repetitive tasks, customize their device settings and streamline their daily routine. The app’s popularity comes from its simplistic interface, yet powerful capabilities allowing users to create and develop complex tasks in an easy and intuitive way.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, automation has become a key element in enhancing productivity and simplifying our lives. From controlling smart home devices to streamlining daily smartphone tasks, automation apps have gained popularity among users seeking to save time and optimize their mobile experience. One such app that stands out in the realm of Android automation is MacroDroid. In this article, we’ll explore what MacroDroid is, how it works, and some of its notable features.

Macrodroid is designed to run in the background seamlessly, and users can customize macros to trigger automatically or manually through a widget or screen gesture. The app provides an array of built-in triggers based on device events, time, location, and user-defined conditions, which ultimately benefits the user with more personalized automation.

Macrodroid is also capable of automating repetitive tasks such as sending an SMS, making a phone call, or opening an application. The app can create custom macros using different action sets available, including media control, notifications, connectivity, device control, and device settings.

One of the main advantages of Macrodroid is its ability to automate tasks based on specific triggers and conditions. Users can create macros that are triggered by events such as device orientation, battery level, location, and even the weather. This feature enables users to customize their device settings based on their preferences and daily routine, saving time and effort.

What is MacroDroid Premium MOD APK?

MacroDroid is a versatile automation app designed exclusively for Android devices. Developed by ArloSoft, it empowers users to create customized automated tasks, also known as “macros,” to perform various functions on their smartphones or tablets. These macros can simplify complex processes, improve device efficiency, and save time by automating repetitive tasks.

Macrodroid’s community support is one of the app’s strongest attributes. The app has an active community of users who share and create macros, providing both inspiration and resources for users. The app’s developers actively engage with the community, responding to feedback and updating the app regularly based on user suggestions.

Macrodroid’s automation capabilities include a wide range of actions from sending text messages to changing device settings, opening apps, and launching web pages. Users can also create complex chained macros that automate multiple tasks in a sequence, making the app a powerful productivity tool.

The app’s user interface is intuitive and straightforward, enabling users to create macros quickly and easily. The app’s developers have focused on making the app simple to use while providing advanced features that appeal to power users. This design approach has made Macrodroid accessible to users of all skill levels.

MacroDroid Premium Application Information

APP SizeDepends on Package
APP Versionv5.36.9
Last UpdatedSeptember 18, 2023
Android RequirementsDepends upon Device

Screenshots of MacroDroid Premium APK

  • MacroDroid - Device Automation Screenshot
  • MacroDroid - Device Automation Screenshot
  • MacroDroid - Device Automation Screenshot
  • MacroDroid - Device Automation Screenshot
  • MacroDroid - Device Automation Screenshot
  • MacroDroid - Device Automation Screenshot

Download MacroDroid Premium for your Android Device

One of the most amazing features of the application is its adaptability to different Android devices with different features and hardware. Macrodroid can run on any Android device from version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and higher, making it accessible to most Android users, and its compatibility with various devices is often praiseworthy.

The app also has a comprehensive community support platform, where users can submit, share or comment on pre-built macros or general automation ideas. Users can also access the various forums and social media platforms to find answers to any queries they may have.

Another advantage of using Macrodroid is its simple installation and user-friendly interface, which ultimately saves users’ time and effort when setting up tasks. Users do not have to root their devices as Macrodroid accesses application programming interfaces (APIs) available on Android, thereby avoiding any complicated software or risky installations.

Lastly, Macrodroid offers an excellent set of features that are accessible in its free version, making it an affordable option for users on a budget. There is also a pro version that unlocks additional advanced features for users looking to expand their automation capabilities.

Key Features of MacroDroid Premium APK

User-Friendly Interface

MacroDroid boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both novice and advanced users. The app provides an extensive library of predefined templates, enabling users to get started with automation effortlessly. Creating a macro is as simple as selecting a trigger and assigning actions.

Extensive Trigger Options

One of MacroDroid’s strengths is its extensive list of triggers that can initiate actions. Users can set triggers based on specific events, such as incoming calls, SMS messages, app launches, battery conditions, and more. This flexibility allows for highly customized automation.

Action Choices

MacroDroid offers a wide range of actions that can be executed when a trigger is activated. These actions include sending texts, toggling settings like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, launching apps, capturing screenshots, and even simulating user interactions. The possibilities are virtually limitless.


To ensure that macros are executed under specific conditions, MacroDroid provides constraints. These constraints allow users to set limitations, such as time-based schedules or device orientation, ensuring that automation occurs only when appropriate.

Device Profiles

Device profiles enable users to create sets of macros tailored to specific scenarios. For example, you can have different profiles for work, home, or travel, each with its own set of macros triggered by unique conditions.

Task Automation

MacroDroid excels at task automation. It can handle a variety of tasks, from sending automated replies to incoming messages during meetings to silencing your phone at night and turning off mobile data when connected to Wi-Fi.

Data Backup and Restore

To safeguard your macros and settings, MacroDroid offers a backup and restore feature. This ensures that you can easily transfer your automation configurations to a new device or recover them in case of accidental data loss.

Community and Community Macros

MacroDroid has a dedicated online community where users can share their custom macros and learn from one another. This community aspect encourages collaboration and helps users discover new ways to automate their devices.

No Root Required

Unlike some automation apps that require root access, MacroDroid can perform a wide array of tasks without the need for rooting your Android device. This means that even users with non-rooted devices can enjoy the benefits of automation.

How to Install MacroDroid on your Android Device?

Step 1. Download the APK from this page officially.

Step 2. Uninstall any Previous/Official Version if previously Installed.

Step 3. Now, go to the download folder and tap on the APK.

Step 4. If notification prompts to enable “Allow Installation Apps from Unknown Sources” simply turn it on.

Step 5. Install and Open the application and you’ll be good to go!

Frquently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How are multiple triggers in a macro handled?

Triggers are always handled as logical OR. A trigger is a one off instantaneous event that will cause the macro to fire at the point that trigger becomes true, it is not a state or profile. This means in case of multiple triggers any one of the triggers A, B or C will fire the macro. You can combine triggers with constraints to create more complex scenarios.

What’s the difference of a constraint attached to a Trigger or an Action compared to a constraint in the Constraints-section of a macro?

The constraints in the Constraint-section are applicable to the whole macro and will allow the macro to fire if the constraint conditions are met (or prevent the macro running if conditions fail). Constraints directly linked to a Trigger or Action only apply to that single item. You can add a constraint to an item by tapping it in the edit macro screen.

What can I do if I want to use the root-required MacroDroid features on my non-rooted device?

You may either choose to root your device. This is usually a fairly simple process and for most common devices you can find instructions via Google or on forums such as XDA forums. If you do not wish to root your device you may consider looking at the AutoInput plugin via Google Play. This plugin can be invoked from MacroDroid and allows basic UI interaction to be programmed for other apps and the Android UI (for example the settings app).

Final Verdict

MacroDroid is a powerful automation app that empowers Android users to take control of their devices and automate a wide range of tasks. Its user-friendly interface, extensive trigger options, and versatile actions make it a top choice for anyone looking to simplify their digital life. Whether you’re a productivity enthusiast, a tech-savvy user, or simply seeking to streamline your smartphone experience, MacroDroid can help you achieve your automation goals. Give it a try and unlock the potential to save time and enhance your Android experience.

Macrodroid is an incredible automation app that offers a wealth of opportunities for customization and optimization of Android devices. With its intuitive interface and excellent customer support, users can easily create macros that automate repetitive tasks, customize device settings, and increase productivity effectively.

Macrodroid is a powerful automation app for Android that offers advanced features, an intuitive user interface, and an active community of users. The app enables users to customize device settings, automate tasks, and improve productivity in their daily routine. Overall, Macrodroid is an excellent choice for Android users looking to take control of their digital lives.

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