Indian Train Simulator Mod v2022.4.1 (Unlimited Money, Gems)

Indian Train Simulator is one of the best train simulator game based on Indian Geographical eternity, moreover you can feel the joy of being an Loco Pilot while driving trains on Indian tracks with this Indian Train Simulator Game.

Simulation games always brings players to feel the useful experiences and essential knowledge about a specific industry or field. Indian Train Simulator has bring train system simulation game to a new eternity which uses Indian Railways tracks to give players a completely new experience about the world’s most busiest rail route which operates more than 8116 millions passengers every year. This game is taken on a journey on the Indian rail tracks.

with Indian Train Simulator you can get the control of the passenger trains and the cargo trains which takes you into the Indian rail network, and gets the opportunity to be a part of the journey of what it takes to operate a train for running it on the tracks of India. The game allows the gamer to operate both passenger and cargo trains and it also boasts a huge collection of specially crafted Indian trains which usually runs every day on the Railway tracks of India.

What is Indian Train Simulator Mod APK?

Indian Train Simulator Mod APK is a simulation train management game that players will found to accept many challenging tasks in the gameplay. The game features simulating real Indian trains operation and weather and time systems. It pays great attention to details and you will get a real business experience in the game.

Indian Train Simulator is an extremely realistic regional train simulator focused solely on railway passenger traffic between cities and towns of India. Mumbai, New Delhi, Calcutta, Bangalore, Chennai are the cities where you can drive through with your desired coaches and engines, the locomotives selected at the station will visit the capital and far beyond, where tourists rarely look and where famous sights are no longer visible.

Indian Train Simulator Application Information

NameIndian Train Simulator
Application Version2022.4.1
Size of Application165.4 MB
Last Updated onOctober 17, 2022
Android Requirements Android 8.0+ or Above

Download Indian Train Simulator for your Android Device

Besides self-driving trains and transporting goods, players can manage their stations to increase their income. Based on the game, players can unlock different stations, and each station is located at 32 places on the map, and players will have a maximum of 32 stations that they can build. At the station, players will receive orders and hire other train drivers to finish the contract while enjoying other things.

Of course, each station can be upgraded unconditionally, increasing the overall income for users, as well as attracting more customers to use the railway. As players upgrade the stations to the higher levels, the scenery, appearance, and atmosphere will gradually change, becoming more bustling with time.

Screenshots of Indian Train Simulator Mod APK

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  • Indian Train Simulator Screenshot
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Features of Indian Train Simulator Mod APK

Realistic Train Driving Experience

As a Loco Pilot, you are responsible for transporting goods and passengers to the stations as required. You have the right to choose from a number of missions to get the desired rewards. Overall, the gameplay and controls of the game are quite simple. Every day, you will control the train and stop at the stations. Once completed, you will receive a bonus and unlock the next level. Dashboards will be provided around the edges of the screen. 

Satisfy your passengers

Simulation games like Indian Train Simulator are quite realistic. Therefore, the fact that you pick up and interact with passengers will contribute to their experience. After the trip, the system will collect feedback from customers. You can see the percentage of customers who are satisfied, dissatisfied, or even angry. Of course, these feedbacks are important. They will directly affect the rewards and bonuses you receive after your trip.

Choose the train you like

According to statistics, Indian Train Simulator it enrolls more than 50 types of trains and subways. However, there are only 18 available WA, WC and WD series locomotives: WAG9, WDP4, WDG4, WDG-3A. The remainder can be unlocked with money and contained within the game’s levels. You will experience them in turn, if you can afford to complete the trip excellently.

Travel around India

Indian Train Simulator is fully based on Indian Railways art, As a result the game has a large number of maps, stretching from North India, South India, East India, The Taste of India Wah-taj to West India. Of course, each area is associated with a number of corresponding train stations such as Bengaluru, Mumbai, Tata Nagar, Howrah, New Delhi and other well known Junctions of Indian Railways.

Beautiful and realistic graphics

The scenes are also quite meticulously designed. You can feel it when you switch angles, from inside the cockpit to the outside, from above or from behind. Overall, India is quite beautiful. And the Indian Train Simulator will give you a tourist itinerary, crossing hills, residential areas and verdant savannas!

How to Install Indian Train Simulator Mod APK on your Android Device?

Step 1. Once you download the Indian Train Simulator Mod APK file from our official secure server tap on it.

Step 2. Here at this point, you might face a security warning. Ignore and tap on the settings to enable unknown sources setting.

Step 3. Enabled unknown sources? Then go to the downloaded folder and find the APK file.

Step 4. Tap on it again to install it on your android device.

Step 5. Now, Open it and start your journey as a Loco Pilot, and don’t forget to join our team on Telegram and share your experiences as a Loco Pilot as you’ve got a Gov. Job just for free from us 😜

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it a Modified Version of Indian Train Simulator?

Yes, it’s a modified version of the official game of Indian Train Simulator, which is meant to be deliver unlimited money and gems for free to it’s gamers.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is fully safe! even it’s more safe as riding a car with a helmet 😜

Can you Unlock All Trains and Coaches with this Indian Train Simulator Mod APK?

Yes, you can get the most out of it. You can also make it to the maximum level in game along with buildings upgradation and additional unlocked features.

Final Verdict

The experience of being a Loco Pilot has never been so fun, Indian Train Simulator is the most realistic train simulator game. The graphics of this game are realistic with real railway tracks, trains, and cabs, allowing you to feel the proper train driving experience. The game uses the latest innovative locomotive engine from Indian Tracks, which can make you the best railway driver. Indian Train Simulator is one of the best simulation game for fans of Indian Railways.

While using the Indian Train Simulator Mod Menu APK one can increase their abilities and get up to higher ranks faster, it doesn’t improve your playing skills as much as practicing with it does. To be a pro player, you would need sportsmanship and practice but if you’re already there and looking for a new and exciting experience download the app today and get a taste of invincibility at its best. Nothing can stop you to break the signals of railway Tracks with the Indian Train Simulator Mod Menu APP.

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