Edjing Pro MOD APK Latest version v7.10.01 (Paid for free)

Edjing Pro is unlike DJ controllers, standalone DJ systems are self-contained devices meant for the purpose of mixing music, without involving the use of a laptop.

While the most popular option for DJs (especially those just getting started) is to use a standard DJ Controller, many modern DJs are opting for the all-in-one standalone solution. which mimics a more CDJ-like experience. Obviously if you don’t have a modern laptop, and have no intention of getting one, a regular old DJ controller isn’t going to help. These standalone systems require nothing but some music and a set of headphones to get you DJing.

Removing the laptop tether not only frees you of some cost… it also frees you of potential issues that are out of the manufacturer’s control. You don’t have to worry about system requirements, latency, or whether you have the right number of USB ports, just get right to the DJing. The nature of standalone systems means that they are overall simpler than DJ controller setups. With the laptop out of the way, there’s a smaller footprint and fewer wires to worry about.

What is Edjing Pro MOD APK?

If you’ve ever DJed with several other people using several other setups, you’ve probably seen laptops placed in some pretty interesting angles and positions. These systems eliminate that kind of problem. Edjing Pro is specially designed by and for professional deejays, the look and feel, as well as the ergonomic of this new remix solution were especially thought of to make this mixing interface to the most intuitive possible. To improve your mixing experience, access more than 50 million tracks thanks to a direct access to streaming sources like Deezer, Vimeo and SoundCloud.

With Edjing Pro there’s no more need for expensive DJ turntables, you can now remix all your favorite songs and playlists from your Android device. The real-time sound processing, the ultra fast audio calculation and the precision of the audio analysis enable you to achieve the best mixtapes. Discover the world’s first wireless crossfader: Mix fader, with which you can control Edjing Pro.

Edjing Pro Application Information

NameEdjing Pro
Last UpdatedOctober 01, 2023
Size68.1 MB
Android RequirementsAndroid 6.0+ or Above

Screenshots of Edjing Pro MOD APK

  • edjing Pro - Musik DJ Mixer Screenshot
  • edjing Pro - Musik DJ Mixer Screenshot
  • edjing Pro - Musik DJ Mixer Screenshot
  • edjing Pro - Musik DJ Mixer Screenshot
  • edjing Pro - Musik DJ Mixer Screenshot
  • edjing Pro - Musik DJ Mixer Screenshot
  • edjing Pro - Musik DJ Mixer Screenshot
  • edjing Pro - Musik DJ Mixer Screenshot
  • edjing Pro - Musik DJ Mixer Screenshot
  • edjing Pro - Musik DJ Mixer Screenshot
  • edjing Pro - Musik DJ Mixer Screenshot
  • edjing Pro - Musik DJ Mixer Screenshot
  • edjing Pro - Musik DJ Mixer Screenshot
  • edjing Pro - Musik DJ Mixer Screenshot
  • edjing Pro - Musik DJ Mixer Screenshot

Download Edjing Pro for your Android Device

For those of you who’re interested in the DJing works and would love to create your professional mixes, as simple and intuitive as possible. Electronic music is gaining more and more popularity because it gives people a vibrant and modern feeling. If you are also a fan of electronic music, once thought about remixing songs you like. Edjing Pro is the answer to this hobby.

The current music market is huge so it is required the DJ to seize the opportunity well. One participates in so many different music communities so he knows many things. Also, if you are not satisfied with the music available on the internet, you can download the track from a reputable source. Then just import it into the application.

Features of Edjing Pro MOD APK

With Edjing Pro everything is in your Fingertips. As because this application has a direct connection with the most popular music sharing platforms today such as Deezer, SoundCloud, and all your local folders. You just need to access this application to freely remix anything you would like to. Also, if you’re not satisfied with the music or sound tracks available on the internet, you can download the track from a reputable source, Then simply import it into the application.

This Application comes with the most Prominent features which opts out to become the most valuable standalone application from the other DJ Mixer Applications available on Google Play Store, here are some of the features listed below… Let’s give a quick shout on this topic…

– 2 broadcast channels to mix 2 tracks at once
– Bpm detection and direct visualization
– Ultra-concise scratch
– Pre-Cueing
– 4 editable Hot Cue
– Loop
– Tempo
– 3-band Equalizer and filters available on each channel
– Auto mix mode
– Color effects to give more depth to your mix: Super Filter, Reverb, Delay, Echo Out, Flinger, Bliss, Steel, and Phaser
– Rhythmic effects synchronized on the beats like Beat grid
– Roll, Roll Filter and Reverse
– A ‘Freeze’ function to freeze one of the spectrum and replay the best instants
– Custom beats thanks to the “Tap BPM”: adjust the beats manually as you like using natural sweep and pinch gestures.
– automatic Sync of your tracks
– Record your remix in .wav format

How to Download Edjing Pro in your Android Device?

Well, The Installation guide for this Application is pretty simple, You can follow up the steps involved in the installation of this application.

Step 1. At First Download the APK from Download Section located above on this page.

Step 2. Before installing this app, go to  Android Settings > Security and activate “Install files from Unknown Sources” option to Install any application files that are outside from the Google Play Store.

Step 3. Now, you can install this application. you can use File Manager to locate the file and open it to start the installation.

Step 4. Now you can see that the Edjing Pro icon which will appear in the App Drawer. 

Step 5. Open the Application and start making your own DJ!

How do I select my Music Languages?

Your music is available in 15 languages! Navigate to Settings, then click on the tile that says language. Select each language you’d like, and select “Done” to the right-hand side.

How do I see my Player/Queue?

Simple! If you look to the left-hand side of your screen, you’ll see that your Player Queue is visible right on the top of the column. Click on it and you’ll see your queue. Also, you can click on the “Add” Button on the Remote Control unit to open the player.

How do I search for songs, albums, or podcasts?

There are two ways to search for all your favorite music! Select the 🔍 icon to search by the name of a song, album, artist and more, or use the 🎙 button on your remote for voice search.

Final Words

Music helps us accept the harsh realities of life but also finds a way of easing the fear that comes with it by bringing entertainment to our ears. We’re all capable of enjoying any type of music without knowing the title or artist and relating to the message that it’s trying to clarify. It serves as a major escape from reality just for a few a amount of time and it’s an awesome key for unlocking some of our hidden potentials.

Launch Edjing Pro unlocked version on your Android device and discover a whole new world of music together with amazing recognition abilities. It is your friendly neighborhood dealer that opens gates to a massive catalogue of music from around the world.

Peace ✌🏻

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