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Cube Call Recorder is a powerful assistant for your Android Device which will help you to record calls of the other end person without letting them know alike Google Dialer. It deserves to be the best communication support application in todays life.

Does anyone remember the Old-fashioned rotary Dial Telephones? Where you have to spin a finger wheel over and over again to until you’ve finally able to dial a number about a minute later? Or the Old landlines stuck to the walls of your home, or in the Railway Station which couldn’t move further, in case you’re in home and any call comes and if the topic gets spicy you need to settle down there to continue that conversation.

Or maybe you have raised at a time when mobile phones had buttons rather than sleek touchpad smartphones that we’re used to and have grown to rely on for our Survival. During that time and age, these old telephone models, were the exciting wonders of the world that people couldn’t keep their hands off. When the phone rang, we have no idea who was on the other side until we inquired for ourselves.

Well, for the Dial Pad Mobile Phones, unless the designated caller was saved in your contact list, there was no way on earth that you could guess the caller without answering the Phone first. Such were the good old days that also came with it’s limitations. However, with the modern smartphones, you can do much more with them than making a phone call. It’s now possible to Identify your callers before receiving the particular call, How we make and answer calls on our Mobile Phones has been revolutionized with the Applications like Cube Call Recorder Premium APK, making it easy for user’s to record calls as per their use.

What is Cube Call Recorder MOD APK?

Cube Call Recorder Pro APK Latest Version is an advanced version of the original Cube Call Recorder Premium Gold MOD APK, which allows you to access the Premium features of Premium Membership. Cube Call Recorder Gold APK gives you amazing utilities and remarkable experiences while making a standard Phone call.

The Default Calling App has limited number of features, of which some are considered obsolete because you aren’t used to them or they have no value in your phone and take up more space and RAM.

Cube Call Recorder is a default call recording application that records each and every calls you’re making or receiving, or even callers even for those that aren’t saved in you’re contact list. It is, therefore an app worth having on your Android Device.

Download Cube Call Recorder Pro

NameCube Call Recorder
Size13 MB
Last UpdatedOctober 01, 2023
Android RequirementsAndroid 6.0+ or Above

Screenshots of Cube Call Recorder MOD APK

  • Anruf Aufzeichnen - Cube ACR Screenshot
  • Anruf Aufzeichnen - Cube ACR Screenshot
  • Anruf Aufzeichnen - Cube ACR Screenshot
  • Anruf Aufzeichnen - Cube ACR Screenshot
  • Anruf Aufzeichnen - Cube ACR Screenshot

Cube Call Recorder Premium APK Download for Andro

Cube Call Recorder MOD APK has all unlocked features of Gold Membership, everyone can access them for free of charge. Nothing sounds better than your ex trying to reach out to you using a new number but since you have Cube Call Recorder Pro APK, you can instantly start recording his or her lame excuses and stupid talks 😜thus, you’ll be capable of recording those talks and block that number before they call again.

Features of Cube Call Recorder Premium APK

  • Cloud backup.
  • Lock apps with PIN code.
  • Operate right after the call ends.
  • Ads-free.
  • Limits on recording time have been removed.
  • Unlock feature to shake the phone to mark.
  • Automatically mark callers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Cube ACR work?

After being granted the necessary permissions, Cube ACR will display every time a call comes in or when you make an outgoing call. The Cube ACR displays two microphone buttons, allowing you to record your calls and your partner calls. By default, it is disabled. If you want to record someone, just turn on your partner’s (or yours) mic. Pretty easy to use, right?

Why should we choose Cube Call Recorder?

Perhaps, this is the question that the developers of the application asked from the moment of conceptualization for Cube Call Recorder. At the same time, this is also the question that users ask each time they decide to use a certain service. It’s that service more prominent than the service compared to other providers? Cube ACR has given the answers to all the above questions in excellent quality.

What’s in the VIP Package of Cube Call Recorder?

To get unlimited access to premium features, you will need to subscribe to VIP package. There are 3 corresponding plans, 1 month for $ 2.4, 6 months for $ 8.4, and a one-year plan with a trial program. When you subscribe to a longer term plan, the cost is significantly cheaper.

Final Thoughts

Cube Call Recorder VIP APK gives you all the Premium features but with a dash of gold, making you stand out from the crowd. Get the Cube Call Recorder Application today and be recognized as a VIP from which ever Android Device you are using.

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