ChatGPT MOD APK v3.5.3 (Premium Chat Unlocked) for Android

ChatGPT is a sibling model to InstructGPT, which is trained to follow an instruction in a prompt and provide a detailed response.

As technology continues to evolve, so does the way we communicate. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), machines are now able to understand and process human language in a way that was once impossible. This has given birth to ChatGPT, a powerful tool that is changing the landscape of conversational AI, the meaning behind the words and respond accordingly.

Unlike rule-based chatbots that require pre-programmed responses for specific scenarios, It has the ability to learn and adapt to different situations. It can also generate creative and personalized responses that are tailored to the user’s needs.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that uses OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 to generate human-like responses to user inputs. It is designed to simulate human conversation and can be deployed across various platforms such as websites, messaging apps, and social media platforms.

ChatGPT works by processing user input and generating appropriate responses based on the context of the conversation. It uses natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to understand.

ChatGPT Application Information

Last UpdatedOctober 04, 2023
Size40.3 MB
Android RequirementsAndroid 5.0+ or Above

Screenshots of ChatGPT Premium APK

  • KI-Chat-Assistent (von GPT) Screenshot
  • KI-Chat-Assistent (von GPT) Screenshot
  • KI-Chat-Assistent (von GPT) Screenshot
  • KI-Chat-Assistent (von GPT) Screenshot
  • KI-Chat-Assistent (von GPT) Screenshot
  • KI-Chat-Assistent (von GPT) Screenshot
  • KI-Chat-Assistent (von GPT) Screenshot
  • KI-Chat-Assistent (von GPT) Screenshot

Download ChatGPT on your Android Device

ChatGPT can provide 24/7 customer support, ensuring customers can get the help they need at any time. It can also provide quick and accurate responses, improving customer satisfaction.

It can handle multiple conversations simultaneously, making it more efficient compared to human agents who can only handle one conversation at a time.

Features of ChatGPT Premium

Customer Support

It can be used to provide customer support for various industries such as e-commerce, banking, and healthcare.

Lead Generation

It can be used to generate leads by engaging with potential customers and collecting information about their needs.

Personal Shopping Assistant

It can be used to assist shoppers by recommending products based on their preferences and past purchases.

Language Translation

It can be used to translate conversations in real-time, allowing businesses to communicate with customers in different languages.


It can reduce operational costs by automating repetitive tasks and reducing the need for human intervention.


It can handle an unlimited number of conversations, making it scalable for businesses of all sizes.

How to Install Chorki Premium on your Android Device?

Step 1. Download ChatGPT APK from this page officially.

Step 2. Now, go to the download folder and tap on the APK.

Step 3. If it asks to “Install Apps from Unknown Sources” simply enable it.

Step 4. Open the application and get your AI Assistant for free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many questions can you ask ChatGPT for free?

As it is still in its research stage, it is free to use and you can ask as many questions as you’d like.

Does ChatGPT share your data?

Sharing data: It does not share user data with third parties without consent. The data collected is used solely for the purpose of improving the chatbot’s performance and providing a better user experience. Transparency: It is transparent about its data policies and practices.

Will ChatGPT give the same answer twice?

If you ask the same question twice, you might not get precisely the same answer—there’s an element of randomness in its responses.

Final Thoughts

ChatGPT is a powerful tool that is changing the way we communicate with machines. Its ability to understand and process human language makes it an ideal solution for businesses looking to improve customer experience, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and scale their operations.

As AI technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see more advanced versions of it that are even more intelligent and capable of handling complex conversations. The future of conversational AI looks bright, and ChatGPT is leading the way.

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