Bluestar Cricket Mod APK v15.0 Download Latest Version – 2023

In a Nutshell Bluestar is one of the most potent Live Streaming Applications, where you can opt out to stream through any Sports Live throughout the Geographical Eternity.

If we look fifteen to twenty years back in our lives, we would surely be amazed to see the way technology has got advanced. There was a time when we hardly had a television in our homes. If there was any, then we could not imagine watching more than a couple of channels on it, And If you’re from village side then you must remember that People’s used to visit Tea Stall to watch Television. All in a sudden witnessed the boom of cellular phones and then came the internet with all its revolutions.

Initially, everything we needed came with a price. i.e. whatever we needed we have to pay for it. I remember going to a shop and getting 100 audio songs downloaded for 50 rupees and 50 video songs for 100 rupees. All the websites and Android applications would require some sort of subscription fee, but today everything has changed drastically.

Now it is possible to download thousands of songs, videos, movies, and other entertainment for free. Rather we can say that today everything is on our fingertips. We can have all sorts of entertainment stuff on our Smartphone and that even is for free. Yes for free, and this has become possible due to a certain application.

What is BlueStar Cricket Mod APK?

Televisions which are runner of by cable Tv used to support fewer TV channels, these TV channels failed to cater to a larger audience of different age groups. from that time age VootZee5 and Hotstar are the once which were readily available on those cable used Televisions, Before cellular devices invaded our lives, TV was the sole source of entertainment. The arrival of Mobile phones changed the game, Now People don’t need to sit before the TV anymore just not to miss their TV show or anyone’s favorite Live Match, now a days Smartphone users can watch any show or movie anytime anywhere.

Are you a die-hard sports fan? and you’re interested in watching any type of sports? Then Bluestar is one of the most famous Sports synthesis applications. As a Sports buff, you should definitely not miss Bluestar Application to be installed on your Android Device. It is really a utility application for those who loves Sports, Surely it’ll bring interesting experiences with many live sports and matches from the most reputed sources.

BlueStar Cricket Application Information

Last UpdatedApril 11, 2021
Size13.2 MB
Android RequirementsAndroid 4.4.4+ or Above

Download BlueStar Cricket Application for your Android Device

In this modern era of Smartphones, everything is at our fingertips. BlueStar application has made leisure time fun with all sorts of sports such as Cricket, Football, Hockey, Tennis, etc. Any Would anyone want to leave their mobile after installing an application so giving and engaging? BlueStar equipped smartphone’s and it’s is one of the top-notch application right now in the market.

If you have the application installed, and having a stable internet connection, then you can enjoy your favorite sports anywhere, anytime. In this fast-paced world, no one has the time to sit in front of a Television for hours to watch their favorite Live Sports on TV. With all the advanced facilities and technologies, it just does not feel convenient anymore. so what are you waiting for? Tap the Download Button below…

Screenshots of BlueStar Cricket Mod APK

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Features of BlueStar Cricket Mod APK

Live Streaming

If you’re a massive cricket fan, then you must stumbled upon the right app. Many cricket die-hards can only afford to catch the highlights of their most anticipated games because they’re preoccupied with other duties or located in an area with no access to the Internet until they could have had returned home. The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way any longer. Stream India Mod APK offers full access to all live matches whether ICC and or IPL just for free. Watch the live stream of ongoing matches without any interruptions from the comfort of your android device wherever you are.

Hindi & English Commentary

Cricket is considered as one of the biggest sport in Southeast Asia and most especially in India. People of all tribes would walk for miles and get together in the stadium just to cheer for their teams. Just for that reason, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the main interface language on the app is Hindi. However, because millions of people around the Globe also depend on the app to watch their favorite matches, English is also an available commentary language besides Hindi. Anyone can enjoy the game commentary in your most preferred language out of the two available options.

Ads Removed

With the basic version of the application, you’d get annoyed with the many ads that pop up on the interface. While these ads are necessary for the sponsors, they can be annoying to the users, and that might force them to look for greener pastures elsewhere online. However, with Stream India, all ads have been removed, leaving you with an incredible cricket experience.

Cricket Articles

Sports fans don’t just stop at watching the game. These individuals loves to travel an extra mile to follow up on the current news and topics surrounding their favorite teams and players every day. A true cricket fan would keep themselves updated on all the stories, news, and articles written surrounding their teams because their loyalty is unquestionable. In light of this, Bluestar Cricket Mod APK provides users with the latest and trending cricket news, articles, and stories.

All Matches Unlocked

With the basic version of the Bluestar Cricket app, you’ll get to see a few matches are locked, forcing you to access their relevant tickets for access. However, with this Bluestar Cricket APK, all matches have been unlocked, giving you the freedom of streaming any game you want for free. You don’t need a paid ticket or to watch any ads just to collect enough coins for a ticket.


If you happen to miss the game due to unavoidable circumstances, you need not to worry. Instead of listening to your companions for a summary of the game, why not head over to Stream India Application and watch every exciting moment that was captured in the highlights? You would get a better picture of how your team played against the opponents using the app as compared to relying on your friends and comrades for the details.

Unlimited Coins

To get coins in the basic Bluestar Cricket app, one would have to watch the required videos and accumulate enough coins for the price of a specific match. Sometimes the process can be daunting, especially in regions that would require downloading and installing a VPN just so that you can access the videos that payout.

All Tickets Unlocked

As I’ve mentioned before, each cricket match or game on Bluestar Cricket requires the user to have enough tickets to watch the game. However, with the Bluestar Cricket Mod APK, all tickets are unlocked, leaving you the freedom to watch any game of your choosing.

Real-time Cricket Live Scores

If you have no access for watching the game, then you can always keep up with the live scores that are updated frequently. The app has an extensive coverage of all tournaments, whether it’s IPL or ICC, and also provides accurate live scores to keep you updated on the game.

How to Install BlueStar Cricket Mod APK for Android?

Step 1. Once you download the BlueStar Cricket Mod APK file from our official, secure servers, tap on it.

Step 2. Here at this point, you might face a security warning. Ignore and tap on the settings to enable unknown sources setting.

Step 3. Enabled unknown sources? Then go to the downloaded folder and find the APK file.

Step 4. Tap on it again to install it on your android device.

Step 5. Now, Open it.

Step 6. Select any video and click on the play button to watch directly from the default player.

Step 7. Or You can choose the download option to save the video into phones gallery for offline watching.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is this BlueStar Premium version safe?

Yes, of course. You can safely use this application to watch your favorite movies. This app is released under the guidance of, and is thoroughly tested before it is delivered to you.

Do I have to pay to use this APP?

No, BlueStar Premium is completely free. We always share with you what’s free and best.

Is it ads-free?

Yes, You cannot see the advertisements while opening the movies mostly. We have removed them in the modified version.

Final Verdict

Bluestar Cricket supports thousands of local and international Sports channels, now a user can watch any sports anywhere while completing their tasks, traveling, or in the office. Entertainment apps are incomplete without Live Sports Match, Stream India knows that. Thus the developer has added thousands of Sports Channels. Many people tune in to TV to watch sports, to lure in sports lovers, Provides live coverage of cricket and other sports. Thus Stream India would be your favorite Dream Destination from Today, Just like

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