Aakash iTutor MOD APK v7.3.2 (Premium Unlocked) Download

Aakash iTutor is one of the most favorite learning app for students with LIVE online classes, Instant doubt resolution, Unlimited practices, Personalized study app for Math’s, Science, Social Studies, Video E learning, Online tutorial and much more.

Student will forever remember 2020 as the year that the classrooms and campuses closed down. As coronavirus cases surged in the spring — and then again in the autumn — educators, families and district leaders did their best to pivot to a socially-distanced Plan B, building a new system of remote instruction overnight in hopes of maintaining learning and community.

Any education journalist will remember 2020 as the year that all the planned student profiles, school spotlights and policy investigations got thrown out the window as we scrambled to capture and process the disorienting new normal of virtual classrooms. But with the first vaccines being administered, we’re seeing our first glimpse of a light at the end of this chaotic tunnel — hope that the virus will quickly dissipate, that schools have had finally reopened.

What is Aakash iTutor MOD APK?

Aakash iTutor Premium MOD APK is the Premium Unlocked Version of the Official Application with lot’s of Pre Added features which can help anyone to get their courses or classes for free of cost, as I think Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today, & An investment in knowledge pays the best interest, believe me The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.

Following the pandemic-related closure of schools throughout the country this past spring, researchers at the nonprofit assessment organization NWEA predicted that whatever school looks like in the fall, students will start the year with significant gaps. But Application’s like Aakash iTutor and other Study Applications bought attention to student’s life and made their future even more better providing Online Based Classes and Lectures.

Aakash iTutor Application Information

NameAakash iTutor
Application Size32.0 MB
Application Versionv7.3.2
Last UpdatedSeptember 09, 2022
Android RequirementsAndroid 6.0+ or Above

Screenshots of Aakash iTutor MOD APK

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  • iTutor Learning App Screenshot
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Download Aakash iTutor Premium APK for your Android Device

From school discipline to accelerating learning to strategies for both educators and families in bridging the home-classroom gap in a time of remote instruction, the month saw a wide mix of news, analysis and investigations. In that race Aakash iTutor Application continuously provided the right education to each and every student’s.

Aakash iTutor is serving it’s best to it’s student’s for making their life easier by making their studies more easier to understand. If you’re finding Aakash iTutor Membership for free then you shouldn’t wait anymore! Tap on the Download Button below to download Premium Unlocked Version just for free!

Features of Aakash iTutor Premium MOD APK

Required

Nowadays most Applications comes with Log-in details just to maintain user’s Data in a smarter way, thus here in Aakash iTutor Premium MOD APK you’d need to sign-in/sign-up with your own account to use Premium Features for free.

Premium Unlocked

Using a Modified Application without unlocked Premium features is quite baseless thus we have unlocked all the Premium Access just for free so that any learner doesn’t needs to pay a single penny to learn!

Video/ E – Learning Unlocked

If I talk about myself I love to learn by watching videos where Professor’s add their Points in a digital way, Just like myself there’s many student’s who just love to learn from Audio-Video Clips. Thus we have unlocked all Audio-Video Clips just for free.

Cast to TV

Sometimes learning on a small screen or watching Audio-Video Clips on a Small Screen gives pressure to our eyes, Thus watching on a large screen makes our eyes even more comfortable rather than watching it on a Small Screen. Thus we have bought the support to cast Aakash iTutor Application to your Smart TV.

Screen Recording Unlocked

In some cases we need to go through a lesson for more than once, Incase you’re having a metered network connection then you can Screen Record a Video as your choice, so that you can watch it later when you don’t have a stable internet connection.

Works on All Device

In many cases many Android Applications doesn’t supports many below or newly coming Android Platforms, thus we’ve made it easier for everyone to find it easier to Install Aakash iTutor Application any Android Device.

How to install Aakash iTutor Premium APK on Android?

Before going to proceed below, you must uninstall the free Official Version. Otherwise, Mod application won’t get installed on your android device. Now coming to the steps…

Step 1. Simply Download the application and after Download gets completed, open the file manager.

Step 2. Go to the folder where you have downloaded and tap on the downloaded APK file. Tap on the APK file.

Step 3. While trying to install APK from outside Goole Play Store, you might face the security warning. “Allow Installation from unknown sources” option.

Step 4. Simply give permission to “Allow Installation from Unknown Sources” Again go to the same location and tap on the APK file.

Step 5. Install the app on android device.

Step 6. Open it and allow Application Permissions to access the Application.

Step 7. Create an account or sign with the existing account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Aakash iTutor programs mapped to the school syllabus/curriculum?

Yes, the programs are personalised for students as per the school syllabus.

How is Aakash iTutor Classes different from Aakash iTutor – The Learning App?

Aakash iTutor Classes is a comprehensive online tutoring program. It brings together online classes by India’s top teachers along with instant doubt resolution. Your child can revise through extra classes with Aakash iTutor assigned teachers and access lessons on the Aakash iTutor app too. Additionally, Aakash iTutor Classes offer monthly tests along with comprehensive monthly progress reports.

What is the difference between Aakash iTutorTeacher and Aakash iTutor Mentor?

Aakash iTutor provides India’s best teachers and subject matter experts to teach and clear doubts of the students in an ongoing class. Whereas, the mentor is a dedicated person assigned to every student who helps them strengthen their foundations, align their learning to long-term goals and become self-initiated learners. Also, PTA meetings are regularly conducted by the mentors to discuss the students’ progress.

Final Thoughts

Your grades and degrees doesn’t reflects your true education. True education reveals self-potential, more than just sows ideas. In school we learn to think alike, but true education is to learn how to think differently. A true education prepares you not only for living but also for life.

A proper education sets people up to grow personally, professionally, and socially. It can awaken joy, curiosity and a deep desire to solve problems and help others. Plus, teaching a student can inspire them to pursue leadership roles and positively impact those around them.

Peace ✌🏻

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